Optionrally Review

If you are interested in a huge selection of underlying assets when trading binary options, then OptionRally is the right provider for you. More than 300 different underlyings are available for selection here. In addition come different pairs, on whose price relations can be set. Beside the extensive trade possibilities the on-line broker offers OptionRally but still many additional advantages. In addition to round-the-clock customer service, customers can also take advantage of a well-structured range of information and training courses. Such an abundance of offers made also us curious, so that also we want to have a closer look at this offerer once. In the context of our test it is to be examined besides, what is to be expected regarding security and respectability from this offerer. In principle should be able to be excluded in each case that a concrete offerer has to do something with fraud or Abzocke.

Our experience with this provider at a glance

The announcements which are made by the provider with regard to its services make you sit up and take notice in any case, and indeed the experiences which we have gathered in the course of our test have also shown that there is something to be expected from this provider in any case. What is initially very positive is the huge selection of different underlyings from the known categories. While with other providers the available underlyings add up to 50 to 60 individual securities, OptionRally offers a total of more than 300 securities for trading. The fact that the provider does not want to leave its customers alone with this diversity is also shown by the extensive range of information possibilities and formats for further training. In addition, there is support that does not leave customers alone in any market situation. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All in all, our experience with OptionRally has shown that customers should feel optimally looked after in every respect. This also applies to the question of the security of customer deposits, as we would like to illustrate in the following section.

Are OptionRally a reputable-provider?

Customers who are looking for a suitable provider for trading binary options often find that it is not always easy to keep an eye on all relevant criteria for the selection in view of the diversity of different providers. While trade possibilities and favorable conditions are put into the foreground, questions after the security fall perhaps under the table. In the worst case that can prove to be an expensive omission, because not all offerers place the question of security to the highest place of their business policy.

With regard to the provider OptionRally, however, our test showed that this online broker does not have to be counted among this group, where customers have to worry about the fair handling of transactions and the security of their deposits. Unlike some other providers, OptionRally even has a valid license. As the provider has been based in the EU island state of Cyprus for several years, CySec, the responsible authority there, is also responsible for regulating the broker. This means that it can be safely assumed that the strict requirements that apply to the financial sector within Europe for the protection of customers will also be complied with. The fact that fraud or rip-offs have nothing to do with these providers is also supported by the good experiences of recent years, in which no irregularities of any kind have ever become known in trading or in the payment of customer money.

Large selection of base values

The demands on an online broker differ from trader to trader as is well known, but in many cases they concentrate on only a few base values in trading with binary options. Nevertheless, our experience has shown time and again that a large number of underlyings is advantageous as it allows a much wider choice of strategies. The investor is not restricted to just a few stocks, and can also choose which individual stocks to bet on with a view to individual sectors and regions. Investors who are looking for a large selection will certainly find what they are looking for at OptionRally.

The value index of OptionRally contains more than 200 individual stocks alone. In addition to the most important and large companies that determine the global economy, there are also many smaller stocks, including those of the football clubs of Manchester United and Lazio Rome. In addition, almost 80 currency pairs, 20 commodities and around 60 indices are available as underlyings. The development of special indices, such as those of car manufacturers or government bonds from various countries or regions, can also be relied on. In addition, there is a selection of pairs where the investor can rely on which security will perform better in a certain period of time.

While OptionRally offers an extremely high variety of trading instruments in terms of content, OptionRally also offers a proper selection of trading instruments. Of course, you can first bet with classic put or call options on whether the price of a certain individual security will rise or fall from the above-mentioned ranges. Both short-term and long-term strategies are possible. Graduated according to several available time windows, options with a term of only 60 seconds up to three months are possible. While yields of a maximum of 81 percent can be achieved with these simple options, additional variants also offer significantly higher yield possibilities, such as the ladder or One Touch variants. However, only a small selection of underlying securities is still available.

Despite everything, OptionRally’s trading portfolio offers many possibilities and can be seen as a clear advantage for this provider.

bonus offer for new customers depending on the selected account type

For most binary options Brokers currently offering their services simply belong to it: The welcome bonus, which is granted in the form of a percentage surcharge on the first deposit. With such a bonus the offerer wants to motivate its new customers above all to deposit higher amounts on the trade account as well as to use this money also more intensively in the trade. Because a bonus is not usually simply disbursed, but must be earned first by an appropriate conversion in the trade so to speak.

This practice is pursued also by the offerer option Rally. In principle thereby bonus payments stand between 15 per cent with the mini account and 25 per cent with all other three Kontotypen to the selection. Due to the regulations, the credited bonus amounts are initially only fictitious trading capital, which can be used practically without risk. In addition, a payment of the bonus amounts once granted is only possible once a turnover of 50 times has been achieved. Our experiences have shown again and again in this connection that investors are well advised not to let themselves be influenced too strongly by the bonus in the trade, but rather to follow the own strategy.

As far as the choice of provider is concerned, it seems more sensible anyway to orient oneself to the substantial offers and conditions of an online broker. With regard to OptionRally, there are in any case some arguments in favour of this provider.

Wide range of services for in- and outpayments

An important question to be answered in connection with the decision for or against a particular provider is the question of the possibilities for in- and outpayments. Because elementary condition for the trade is it to pay in money on the trade account, as well as in the course of the trade obtained net yields as well as its assets to be able to be disbursed also again. Apart from the possibilities, which are offered for this procedure, also the time plays a role, in which appropriate transactions are completed by the offerer. In the case of the on-line broker option Rally the chances stand in each case well that a method suitable for the customer is available, in each case the selection is very large. First of all, the credit card providers Visa and MasterCard can be used, both of which are accepted by OptionRally. In our experience, this is also by far the fastest method, where the money is usually available on the same day on the trading account. And even with payouts the trader does not have to wait long for the money.

Other this looks like if one falls back on various service providers who handle the process of the deposit or the payout reliably. You can choose from providers like Neteller, WesternUnion, cashU, Skrill, Webmoney, ideal, Sofort or Safecharge. However, before the services of these companies can be used, a separate account must first be set up with them. With most providers, the concrete transfer takes at least one working day.

Security for the deposits through CySec regulation

The customers of online brokers should always be aware that trading with binary options is ultimately about their own money. Against this background, we consider it important that money can be regarded as being invested as securely as possible beyond the trading risk. But unfortunately this cannot be presupposed with all offerers uncomplicatedly, why the consideration of the respectability of a offerer likewise a high meaning should be attached. In the case of OptionRally, however, customers can rely on a very high level of security. The reason for this is first of all the fact that the provider has been registered in Cyprus since 2013 and is therefore regulated by the competent authority there. This means that customers can rely on compliance with important standards, including separate account management. The customer deposits are kept separate from the company assets, so that the capital is retained even in the event of insolvency of the online broker. In addition, the authority also ensures that business is conducted in a serious manner so that insolvency does not occur in the first place. The regulation in effect forces the regulated companies to do business seriously and to put an end to fraud and rip-offs.

Very good support with OptionRally

A good provider also has a competent and extensively available customer service that answers investors’ questions about trading with binary options. The offer and the possibilities that the online broker makes available to his customers here are in any case very neat. This applies first of all to the telephone hotline, which is available seven days a week around the clock for a wide variety of enquiries. The provider, which is primarily focused on the European market, also offers its own telephone number for German customers. However, our experience has shown that it is not always possible to count on German-speaking staff. This also applies to other contact offers, where a solid knowledge of English is an advantage, if not a prerequisite. Live chat as well as email contact can be used to make inquiries. Not least also a recall service is offered.

Abside from possible linguistically conditioned understanding difficulties the customers can expect however to receive fast competent information to your questions and requests.

To the structure of the web page

With nearly all on-line Brokers it concerns in principle providers, who operate their services exclusively from the Internet. Consequently, the Internet page represents an important component within the entire offer. Ultimately, it is a figurehead, shop space and trading room at the same time. Accordingly, the respective pages are sometimes elaborately designed. This also applies in principle to OptionRally’s Internet presence. However, it must be pointed out here that the functions to freely select the language of the page refer in principle only to the start page. All other information, be it the general terms and conditions or the FAQs, is currently only offered in English. On this basis, however, the information offered on the websites can certainly be described as comprehensive and informative, even if orientation is not always easy.

The offer also includes a large section on the subject of further training and market information. Not only for beginners here much valuable information is available for the trade as well as special strategies. Depending on the account type, additional features such as exclusive trading tips and personal consulting offers can also be used free of charge.

trading-also with the mobile app possible

Basically, trading with binary options takes place via a browser-based platform, for which no download of additional software is necessary. Experience shows, however, that trading exclusively on a stationary PC is often associated with severe restrictions. Customers can enjoy considerably more flexibility through the possibility of mobile trading. The prerequisite for this is an app, which is also provided by OptionRally. A suitable version is available for both mobile devices based on iOS and Android. This allows access to the full trading offering as well as all available instruments and tools offered by the online broker. In this way, mobile trading is fully possible.

Conclusion: Secure provider with many additional features

With the provider OptionRally, we have tested an online broker for binary options that offers its customers a huge selection, especially with regard to the underlying values. This offer is flanked by the possibility of using several trading instruments. And so that the trader does not have to move in a vacuum during trading, current information from the world of business is also transmitted. For the long-term development of an individual authority in the trade besides numerous offers are available for further training in the form of an EBooks as well as video seminars to the selection.

And also with view of the security of the deposits the investor can rely on this regulated offerer. Both our experiences and the regulation speak for the fact that fraud or Abzocke are definitely not to be feared.


The on-line broker option Rally is internationally very broadly set up and has very many customers approximately around the world. Nevertheless, as a German-speaking customer, I feel that I am in good hands, as the telephone service is available to me in German.

written 12 months ago