Optionweb With Money Back Guarantee – Interesting For New Customers?

Binary options trading is interesting for many investors. However, if you have virtually no experience with binary options, you can lose a lot of money. Nevertheless it is possible that already with small sums very much money can be earned. Since the inhibition threshold is large to work with binary options, the offerer OptionWeb something let itself in and offers a customer a money back warranty in such a way specified. With dissatisfaction OptionWeb offers that the initial deposit is paid back. This form of the money back warranty is offered since 25 January 2016 and is in this form so far according to our information singular. This means that OptionWeb is the first broker to offer a real money back guarantee.

Money back guarantee – is it worth it for binary options??

Straight beginners who enter binary trading with a starting capital of 2,000 euros, for example, are often not sure how to proceed and make mistakes quickly. In order to avoid this it is reassuring that just at the beginning in the sand set funds are refunded.

OptionWeb informs on its web pages in detail about which risks can occur with the trade with binary options. The fact is that simple losses up to total losses are possible. Straight one with new customers, who are not yet trusted binary options, it can come at the beginning fast from ignorance to a large loss to new customers.

Webinare and info. material supports new customers with optionWeb

With optionWeb are supported new customers besides by info. material as well as by Webinare. These not only explain and explain the binary options, but also explain possible trading strategies. OptionWeb’s customer service is available in German from Monday to Friday via email and telephone. On the homepage there is besides a form, in order with the enterprise into contact to step.