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    You can play Three-Card Poker at all the San Diego Casinos.  This is a very popular Stud
    Poker Game  where you get a 3-card hand (rather than a 5-card hand).  When you hear
    cheering and clapping coming from a Three-Card Poker Table, it's because someone got
    a 3-Card Straight Flush, which pays 40 to 1 or Three of a Kind, which pays 30 to 1.

    There are 3 bets, 1 is required to play, 1 is optional for the bonus and 1 is optional to stay in the hand
    after you are dealt your 3-Card Hand :

    Pair Plus (Optional Bet) - with this bet, you are betting on value of your 3-card hand and get paid on a pair
    or better.  A 3-card straight is valued higher and pays more than a 3-card flush.  You get paid on this hand
    even if your hand does not beat the dealer's hand.

    Ante Bet - This bet is a required bet in order to play the game and is placed before you are dealt your 3-
    card hand.  You are playing against the dealer for even money on this bet with a bonus for a straight or

    Play Bet - This bet is required if you want to stay in the hand and is placed after you see your 3-card hand
    but before the dealer's hand is revealed.  This bet pays even money if your hand beats the dealer's hand
    or is a push if the dealer does not qualify (dealer qualifies with a Queen high).  

    Ultimate 3-Card Poker.  Pala Casino offers a variation of 3-Card Poker called ULTIMATE 3- CARD POKER.  
    This game is played in the same sequence as regular 3-Card Poker but has an additional bet---the Blind

    Before cards are dealt, you make two required equal bets for the Ante and Blind and, optionally,  the Pair
    Plus bet.  You then receive your 3 cards and make a Play bet (you can bet 2x or 3x your ante bet if you
    have a pair or better) if you want to stay in the game.

    If the dealer's hand beats your hand, you lose the Play, Ante and Blind  (If the dealer has less than a
    Queen high, you get your Ante bet back but your other bets play against the dealer's hand.)  Your Pair
    Plus bet wins if you have a pair or better.   The  BLIND bets has a bonus pay table and  pays 100 to 1 for a
    Mini-Royal Flush!

    In San Diego, you will find $5 table during the day and at most casinos weekday evenings.  Many tables go
    up to a $10 minimum on the weekends.

    Three Card Poker table layout  and bonus pay tables for 3-Card Poker from Shufflemaster (creator,
    distributor of this game).
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