To Use a Casino Player’s Club Card or not, that is the Question......

Anytime a casino spends lot of $$ and heavily promotes anything to players, you have to ask yourself why---what’s in it
for the casinos?  In the case of Player’s Club Cards, it’s a
WIN WIN---for both the player and the casino.

The Player gets discounts or free rooms, food, entertainment, invitations to free tournaments, free play, special
drawings and jackpots, etc.  All for free so it is the best bet in the casino!

The Casino gains valuable marketing information---such as what machines you play,  how much you bet, how much
you spend, when you come, etc.  The Players Club Card program also builds loyalty---the idea being you will play at
the casino to get more points and more freebies.  

A twist of Player’s Club Cards is the “tiers”.  There’s not just one Player’s Club Card anymore, there are various levels
based on your play.   In a nutshell,  the more you bet or play at the casino , the higher your “Class” or Player’s Club
card.  The higher your card level, the more benefits you receive.  If you think about it, this is a brilliant marketing
strategy.  It’s an elitist, hierarchical system designed to encourage you to play more so you can get what other player’s
get.   A Gold Player’s Club is usually the “lowest” level;  you want a platinum or elite level so you don’t have to stand in
line at the buffets or cashier’s line or check-in!

How to Get your Player’s Club Card

Player’s Club cards are free!  Just present your valid identification at any Casino’s Players Club Booth to get your
Player’s Club Card.

How to Use your Player’s Club Card

Insert your Player’s Club Card into any machine or present it at the table game prior to playing.  When using your  
Players Club card, the machine (or casino) knows who you are and is tracking your play
. Remember to take your
card with you when you leave the machine or table.  If you lose your card or forget to bring it, you can just go to the
Player’s Club booth and get another for free.
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Harrahs Rincon Casino Players Club Card:  Harrah’s Total Rewards

Harrah’s Total Rewards Player’s Club Card has four tiers:  

Gold Total Rewards Card
Platinum Total Rewards Card (4000 Tier Credits)
Diamond Total Rewards Card (11,000 Tier Credits)
7 Stars Total Rewards Card

As with all Player’s Club programs, the more you play, the more Tier Credits you
will earn.  At Harrah’s, your tier credits are calculated to determine your annual
Tier Score, which then determines your Card level.  Credits are based on your
length of play, average bet and the type of game.  Usually slot play (the higher
the better) gives you the most credits.  Table play at $25  doesn’t  do much for
your level but you should ask for comps from the pit boss.

Click here to see
Harrah’s Rincon Total Rewards Players Club Program
Valley View Casino’s Players Club Card

Valley View’s CasinoPlayer’s Club Card has two tiers:  

Valley View Player’s Club Card
Valley View Elite Player’s Club Card

Points are earned by playing the slot machines.  You will not earn Player’s
Club points from table play but you can get comps.  Show your Player‘s Club
Card before you start playing so your play will be rated.  Don‘t be shy about
asking for a comp for food before you leave!

Valley View has a fabulous Colossal Coin Jackpot which can go from $10,000
to $150,000 and is won at a random slot machine at a random time.  To win,
though, you must have your Player’s Club Card inserted in the winning slot
machine. Valley View also has a MorePlay program and an Overtime Play
program where free slot play is given to Valley View Players Club cardholders.

Click here to see
Valley View’s Players Club Program details.
Pala Casino’s Players Club Card:  Pala Privileges

Pala’s Privileges Player’s Club Card has three tiers:  

Pala Privileges Card
Pala Privileges Gold Card
Pala Privileges Platinum Card

Privilege credits or dollars are earned based on your average wager and length
of play at slots, video poker and table games.  For players who play both table
games and slots, credits are combined.

Click here to see
Pala Privileges Players Club Program details.
Pechanga Casino’s Players Club Card:  The Club

Pechanga’s  The Club Card has five tiers:  

Pechanga’s Classic Club Card
Pechanga’s Silver Club Card
Pechanga’s Gold Club Card
Pechanga’s Platinum Club Card
Pechanga’s Red Club Card

Pechanga uses a Club Dollar system to reward play.  You will earn Club
Dollars from both slot and table game play.  A nice feature of their program is
EasyPlay, which gives you free slot play.

Click here to see
Pechanga's Club Player's Card details.
Viejas Casino’s Players Club Card:  V Club

Viejas’ V Club Card has four tiers:  

Classic V Club Card
Premier V Club Card
Elite V Club Card
MVP V Club Card

The Viejas V Club has a unique feature where you are allowed to play either
Free Play Cash or your V Club Points without first depositing money into your
slot machine.  Play is rewarded with a point system and 100 points = $1

Click here for
Viejas V Club Program details.
Barona Casino’s Players Club Card:  Club Barona

Barona’s Club Barona Card has three tiers:  

Gold Club Barona Card
Silver Club Barona Card
Platinum Club Barona Card

Click here for
Barona's Club Barona Program details.
Casino Pauma’s Players Club Card:  Palm Club

Pauma’s Palm Club awards points for both slot and table game play.  The first
time you sign up and receive your Players Club card, you will receive a Special
Buffet Coupon.

Click here for
Pauma's Palm Club Program details.
Sycuan Casino’s Players Club Card:  Club Sycuan

Sycuan’s Club Card has three tiers:  

Gold Club Card
Platinum Club Card
Elite Club Card

Click here for
Sycuan's Players Club Card Program details.
San Diego Casinos Players Club Card Programs
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