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    Pai Gow is a poker game derived from the ancient Chinese domino game---also called Pai Gow, which
    means  “make nine.”    Pai Gow Poker is played with a standard deck of cards plus a joker (aces, straights
    & flushes) and each player (including spots on the table where there is no player) is dealt 7 cards.  The
    player makes two separate poker hands from their 7 cards---a 5-card hand and a 2-card hand.  The five-
    card hand must be higher than the 2-card hand.

    Pai Gow is a Stud Poker Game where you will receive 7 cards, which you will make into 2 poker hands--a 5
    card poker hand and a 2-card poker hand.  You win if both your 2-card hand and your 5-card hand beat
    the banker's (can be the casino dealer or another player--see below) 2-card hand and 5-card hand.  You
    push if  one of your hands beats the dealer.  You  lose if both hands lose to the banker's hand or if there is
    a tie (one hand loses, the other pushes).

    The Banker can be any player or the casino. If you want to Bank, you must be able to pay off all wagers
    and you must have played in the previous round.  The casino offers the banking option to each player in
    turn and this can be a good opportunity if you are lucky a get a good bank.  You are not obligated to bank
    though, and if players decline, which usually happens,, the casino banks the game.

    FORTUNE PAI GOW BONUS. Many of the casinos offer a Bonus Bet variation of Pai Gow called FORTUNE PAI
    GOW.   For the Fortune Pai Gow bet, the best 5-card poker hand  possible from a player’s seven cards is
    used for the bonus payouts.  The Fortune Pai Gow bonus pays for a Straight or Better according to the
    Bonus Pay Table.
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