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San Diego Casino Reviews is your guide to Indian Casinos in San Diego County
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    In California, Roulette must be a banked card game as it is illegal to base outcome of game exclusively on
    the ball/roulette wheel.  Here are the rules for California Roulette as established by the California Division
    of Gaming Control:

    Game uses a deck of 38 cards, with each number having a suit and color similar to a traditional
    deck of playing cards. The cards are numbered identical to the numbers found on a roulette wheel.
    To play the game, wagers are placed on single or multiple numbers, or on colors, and the cards are
    placed in an automatic shuffler, which the dealer activates to produce a card. The card produced
    determines the winning and losing bets.

    The casinos offering Roulette have come up with various versions to incorporate cards with the Roulette
    game, here are some examples:

    PALA CASINO ROULETTE: This game uses a Roulette Wheel and Ball.  The Wheel does not have
    numbers, just colors.  Four cards are dealt face down in four colored boxes on the Table Layout. The color
    of the wheel pocket where the ball lands determines which of the four cards (that were placed in the four
    colored boxes) is the Play card. The Play card determines the winning number on the table.

    HARRAHS RINCON CASINO Volcanic Roulette Bingo.  This game uses the same type of h0pper that is
    used in Bingo games.  There are two balls used for each number and for 0 and 00, for a total of 76 balls   
    The winning bingo type ball drawn determines the winning number on the table.

    CASINO PAUMA Carde Roulette:  Instead of using a roulette wheel and ball, this game is played using
    cards placed in a shuffler.  (They have added a JOKER to the deck for an additional bet that pays 60 to 1.)  
    A Roulette table layout is used and the same colored numbers printed on the table layout correspond to
    the colored numbers printed on the 38 cards.  

    BARONA CASINO:  Uses a 37 card deck and 3 random cards are dealt face down in three separate
    sections.  The ball is placed on the roulette wheel, which has the three sections instead of numbers.  
    Whatever section the ball drops into determines the card that is turned up and used as the winning
    number and color.

    Many casinos, such as Harrah's, Pala, offer the multi-player Roulette machines where the minimum wager
    is usually 8 quarters - quarter per bet.

San Diego Casino Reviews is a comprehensive guide to San Diego Indian Casinos for players. You will find Casino Table Game information on where to find
games in San Diego Casinos (Harrahs Rincon Casino, Pechanga Casino, Pala Casino, Pauma Casino, Valley View Casino, Sycuan Casino, Barona Casino and
Golden Acorn Casino), how to play, game rules, table layouts, strategy, free online games and odds.  Many Casino Table Games have bonus bets (such as
Trips, Queens Up, Pair Plus, etc) that return huge payouts  -  Crazy 5 Poker has the Queens Up bonus with big payouts for Four-A-Kind and a (4-card)
Straight Flush.
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