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    Arrived just in time to watch the Charger game at the Parrot Bar.  Had one of the special Shaken Drinks for
    $5.95 and played Cleopatra Keno for a Nickel.  The max bet is 8 coins so it was just 20 cents a bet.  I
    played the first row--numbers 1 through 9---and got good action.  I won $40 for the 2 hours I played
    there.  Wanted to play some live poker but the tables weren't open yet (they have only a few) so decided
    to call it a day and leave a winner!

    Checked in and got one of the newly remodeled Pool View rooms in the Garden Tower.  The room was
    really  nice with a big plasma TV.  Decor is a bit geometric, maybe 70's modern?

    Started out at Fiore's with a Mango Daiquiri and played Shockwave Video Poker.  This is a game where you
    are paid 4000-1 if you get two 4 of a Kinds within 10 hands.  The bartender told me two people hit it at
    the bar yesterday---I was shocked and, frankly, a bit dubious, as I always assumed it was nearly

    My favorite game is Ultimate Texas Holdem but the table was full.  Decided to try the new game at the
    next table while I waited for a seat.  The new table game is THE FLOP.  It was a $5 minimum and you bet
    3 bets---so $15 per hand.

    There is no skill involved at all but there is the potential for a huge bonus payoff.  Basically, you get 3 cards
    and the dealer gets 3 cards---which are community cards.  The player with the highest hand wins the "pot"
    bets and players with bonus hands win  bonuses based on their hand values.  I never even got a pair or a
    pot and when  a seat opened at Ultimate, I left.  Later, I heard people cheering at that table and looked
    over to see someone with 4 or 5 $500 chips---they hit a 5-card straight flush on a $10 bet!

    Ultimate was a fun table and I played until 3 a.m.  When I was up and about the casino around 11 a.m.
    the next morning, two of the same players from last night were still there playing!

    This was an overnight trip because I planned to have cocktails at the Promenade Bar.  Check in was
    smooth but they were nearly full so my room overlooked the parking lot.  

    Had to wait about 5 minutes for a seat at the Promenade bar.  I love to play here..there is such high
    energy and everyone is in a good mood and friendly.  There was like a country/pop band playing and
    where else can you play Full Pay Video Poker with a Martini and sing  “Ride Mary Ride”  with the band!  
    Played $1 Jacks or Better, and it was a Full Pay Machine, paying 9 to 1 for a Full House and 6 to 1 for a
    Flush.  Got them both several times, as well as 4 of a Kind...so made a 200% return.

    Went to play Ultimate Texas Holdem for a while.  Table was just lukewarm but did go through several
    cold spells--which were quite expensive but then got some better hands.  Got back to nearly even and
    decided to leave and go to The Deli for one of their truly wonderful sandwiches---like the Corned Beef on
    Rye.  Casino was quiet in the morning and I had coffee at the Promenade Bar and played Video Poker and
    the Car Slot game for a while.  Had to leave at 10am...hope to come back soon.

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