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    Slot machines are the most popular game in the casino---and the easiest to play.  All you do is put your
    money in and push the Spin button!  Slots outperform all other games in terms of profit for the casinos.  
    Still, they are hard to resist---the next spin might be three 7's or a bonus round or the jackpot!  Plus,  
    you can play many machines for a nickel a spin!  

    Although we don't have or know of a slot machine strategy that will guarantee a win, here are some
    general tips for playing the slots:

  • Play the machines with the highest jackpot
  • Use your players club card to earn points for comps
  • If you win a jackpot, cash out.  You can continue playing the machines but start afresh with your
    normal buy-in.
  • Don't forget to push the "Cash Out" button before leaving your machine
  • Stick to your budget

    You will find a tremendous variety of slot machines to choose from!  Here are some of the most popular

    Cleopatra Slots - Anchient Egypt theme with progressive jackpot and bonus rounds
    Double Diamond - A long time favorite
    Megabucks - Huge Progressive Jackpots
    Red, White & Blue - Another long time favorite "7" slot machine
    Wheel of Fortune - one of the most popular slots
    Texas Tea - Fun video slot with bonus rounds
    Monopoly - Another very popular game with bonus rounds

    New Slot Games to Look for:

    EBAY Video Slots
    Double Wild Slots
    Triple Red Hot 7's Bingo

    California Mega Jackpot Slots: Check out  the progressive mega jackpots for slots such as
    The Beverly Hillbillies, Elvis, I Love Lucy, Wheel of Fortune and More before you go.  

Keno was a popular game even before it was played on a slot machine.  The basic game of Keno is quite
simple:  The player picks from 2 to 10 numbers from the 80 available numbers (numbers 1 through 80). The
game draws 20 numbers at random and the player wins (or loses) depending upon how many picked matched
the 20 that were drawn.

Keno slots are fun to play because the game is much faster than the traditional keno ball game.  You just
choose your numbers, place your bet and see what happens in about 30 seconds!  Many casinos offer Keno
slots for as little a nickel a bet so you can enjoy playing without having to spend as much as other slot games.  

Here are some of the most popular Keno Slot Games:

Cleopatra Keno- variation with a last ball feature for bonus round with double payouts
Caveman Keno - variation with 3 random bonus numbers that can increase pay table 2X to 10X
Power Keno - variation with a last ball drawn feature that can increase payable to 4X
Multi-Card Keno - variation with option to play multiple cards
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