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San Diego Casino Reviews is your guide to Indian Casinos in San Diego County
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                                         Where to Play Blackjack in San Diego:
All Casinos

    You can play blackjack at all the San Diego Casinos.  Gambling on Blackjack is offered at all San Diego
    casinos with varying minimum and maximum  table limits.

    The objective of the game is to beat the dealer. You want to get 21 or closer to 21 (with your cards total---
    without going over 21) than the dealer.  If your hand or the dealer's hand goes over 21,  you, it is a
    "Bust." If you bust, you automatically lose.  If the dealer busts and you do not bust,  you win, regardless
    of your cards total (if you didn't bust).

    In blackjack, the suits of the cards have no affect on the game--it is only the card value that counts. Cards
    2 - 10 are counted at their face value; all face cards (jack, queen, king) have a value of ten.; an ace counts
    as either one or eleven.

    All the San Diego Casinos deal Blackjack so where you play will depend upon what kind of game you want
    - single deck blackjack, double-deck blackjack, bonus bet opportunities, etc.  Here are some of the
    Blackjack variations and Single and Double Deck Games I've run across at San Diego Casinos

    PALA CASINO:  Offers Single-Deck (6 to 5) Double-Deck, and Six-Deck Shoes.

    CASINO PAUMA:  Offers Double-Deck and Shoe dealt games with limits from $5 to $500. You can Double
    Down on any two cards, re-split aces and surrender on Shoe games.  Two Wheel of Madness Blackjack
    Tables where, for an extra bonus bet,  you spin the Wheel when dealt a Blackjack for payouts up of 10-1
    to 1000-1.

    HARRAHS RINCON CASINO:  Offers Super Fun 21, a single deck game where you can double down even
    after splitting and hitting.  Any 6-card hand totaling 20 or less pays 1 to 1,  any hand with five or more
    cards totaling 21 pays 2 to 1, and Diamond Blackjacks pay 2 to 1.  You can also surrender one-half of your
    bet on any two cards.

    VALLEY VIEW CASINO:  Single, Double Deck and Multi-Deck games.

    BARONA BLACKJACK:   A new take on Blackjack with guaranteed play.  For a $20 buy in, you'll get 30
    wagers to win as much as you can over your starting buy-in.

    VIEJAS CASINO: Offers 36 Blackjack tables ranging from $5 to $2,000.  Viejas offers a bonus variation
    game called SuperSplit 21 where you can win $2,500 with a $1 side bet!

    There are a multitude of books and reference materials on how to play Blackjack.  For more information on
    how to play blackjack, Basic Blackjack Strategy and odds,  see Blackjack Strategy.  Another great
    resource is the WizardofOdds website.
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