Blackjack Strategy Tips -

Blackjack Strategy Tips

Some of those who are into casino gambling enjoy online blackjack irrespective of their win or loss rate, although most of us prefer to win.
To maximize your success rate in online blackjack, you should have the basic strategy chart memorized.
However, some players may feel this detracts from the enjoyment of the game, or they are not sure how well the strategy they know may apply
to games with slight rules or structure variations such as extra decks or surrender.
However, there are some basic strategy tips that most players can keep in mind when they play blackjack online.

Always Split Aces and Eights

An ace is a valuable card, and two aces are twice as valuable.
Since there are more ten-point cards in the deck than any other point card, it’s always a good idea to split these and go for two 21s.
Even if you don’t get them, there are plenty of cards that will make winnable hands.

Never Split Tens

If you have two ten point cards in online blackjack you have an extremely powerful 20. Don’t mess with it.
If the dealer has a non-bust card showing (7 or better), never split sixes, as this will likely result in two poor hands.

Never Take Insurance (Even When You Have Blackjack)

Insurance is a mathematically bad bet in blackjack. It is tempting to accept “even money” on your own blackjack, because it is a guaranteed win.
This may be a good idea if you only plan to play that single hand of blackjack in your entire life.
Over the long term, insuring a blackjack is just as bad as insuring any other hand.

Assume a Ten in the Hole (Usually)

Since there are more ten-point cards in the deck than any other value, assuming a ten-point card in the hole can help you make your blackjack decisions.
However, do not take this idea too far. If you have a 19 and the dealer has a ten-point card showing, you should not take a hit assuming the dealer has 20.
Although there are more ten-point cards than any other individual value, there are more non ten-point cards in total than ten-point cards.

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