Comdirect Bank Offers Raffle For Investors In Top-Price Etfs

Customers of comdirect Bank who decide to invest in the top-price ETF area now profit from the fact that they can take part in a raffle. This is especially the case if you decide to invest by 30 September 2018. Basically, it should be mentioned that there are different prices. A trip worth 2,500 euros will be advertised and there will also be the chance to win one of a total of 10 Amazon echoes. Anyone wishing to take part in the comdirect Bank competition must do so by 30 September 2018.

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How can I take part in the comdirect Bank competition?

Whoever wishes to take part in the current comdirect Bank competition can do so until 30 September 2018. It is necessary that an investment in a top prize ETF is made by this time. It should be noted that it is possible that a one-off investment or a savings plan for at least one top-price ETF will be set up. This leads to automatic participation in the competition and the possibility of significantly increasing your chances of winning by making further purchases.

It is possible to win a travel voucher worth 2,500 euros for a luxury trip to the metropolis of London. Beyond that there is the chance on one of altogether 10 Amazon Echos, which one can win.

The main price offers not only a wonderful stay in London, but directly the flights for 2 persons starting from a desire departure place and back. Also the private shuttle between the airport and the hotel in London is organized. 2 nights in a double room with breakfast at the 5 star designer hotel ME in London will be organised for the guests. The hotel is very centrally located in London, as this Thames and Trafalgar Square are right in front of the front door. Who would like to enjoy the Financial District in London, receives here a private guidance offered.

What is offered in the context of the Top price ETFs with the comdirect bank?

The selection in the context of the 90 Top price ETFs is very large. With 90 ETFs there are really many different investment opportunities on offer. The ETFs, for example, track an index such as the DAX, so that an investment can be made directly in the entire market. The purchase of an ETF is just 3.90 euros if it is a one-off investment. If you want to work with a savings plan, you have to pay 0 Euro for ordering. The ETFs that can be traded at comdirect Bank include numerous stock markets, but also the bond markets and commodity markets. The ETFs can be traded via Lyxor, Xtrackers, Vanguard and Franklin Templeton.

, among others.

Traders who choose to trade ETFs at comdirect Bank have the opportunity to experience three different types of trading strategies. These include, for example, conservative and balanced ETFs, but also ETFs with high opportunities.

What do I need for ETF trading at comdirect Bank?

Whoever is interested in ETF trading at comdirect Bank will need a trading account at the broker. The trading account or deposit can be opened directly at the bank via the Internet. It should be mentioned here that Comdirect Bank always enables suitable trading accounts via the Internet, so that in any case many different trading options can also be used alongside the ETFs.

The deposit account of comdirect Bank can be managed free of charge if a corresponding current account is opened and managed with the bank at the same time. If you decide to manage both accounts in parallel, you will in any case benefit from the fact that you can manage both the current account and the securities account completely free of charge. Otherwise, it could be the case that fees will be incurred for the use of the accounts.

With the trading account of comdirect Bank, customers can trade shares and other securities, among other things. The selection possibilities in the trade are clearly more extensive, than it with many market companions the case is. In concrete terms, this means that customers can trade funds, ETFs and CFDs via the Internet, for example, without any problems. In the area of funds, it is possible that around 10,000 different funds can be perceived and traded. For a large part of the funds, a discount of up to 100% is given on the front-end load. For many other funds, the discount on the front-end load is at least 50%.

Not only in fund trading, but also in ETF trading, several hundred products are offered that can be traded digitally. Both funds and ETFs can also be traded as savings plans at comdirect Bank. In practice, this means that many different savings options can be taken advantage of in any case. The savings plan can be purchased from comdirect Bank for savings of 25 euros or more. It is possible that the savings plan can be executed monthly, every two months or also every three months and that the corresponding sum is invested in the fund or in the ETF.

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