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Unveiling the Fascinating Universe of Casino Superstitions: Fortune, Tokens, and Ceremonies

The fascinating universe of Casino superstitions: Fortuity, Charms, and Rituals

Superstition has always played a significant role in the world of gambling, with players engaging in various rituals and practices in the hope of attracting good luck. From blowing on dice in a game of craps to bringing lucky charms and markers to a game of bingo, these superstitions are not uncommon in the casino. Even baccarat tables are known to avoid the number 13, labeling player seats from 1 to 15. Slot and video poker players also have their own set of superstitions, often involving lucky machines, betting patterns, and specific actions believed to bring good fortune.

One such example is the infamous “jackpot dance” performed by the author’s brother, Jay, before a one-card draw in video poker. While it may seem absurd, it has become a tradition for them, despite the lack of any actual belief in its luck-bringing abilities. Other players have their own unique rituals and habits, which, although unable to alter the outcome of a game, contribute to the overall sense of luck and positivity.

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By Matt Bourie
Published: October 16, 2023