I love video poker and it is a game worth the time involved to learn to play it well.  The
cards are dealt randomly, just as they would be if dealing live from a deck of cards, so
the machine isn't programmed to deal or give you certain cards.   Your cards are
random so it is luck, your skill and the machine's pay table that determines your

While casinos cannot control what cards or hands are dealt on video poker machines,
they can increase their take or profit by lowering the pay tables---generally this means
lowering the pay out or odds  you will receive for a Full House or Flush.

FULL PAY  video poker machine means the machine has the highest payout for
that particular video poker game that can be commonly found.  (Obviously, your
payout is also impacted by the skill in which you play and the cards you happen to
get.).  You can tell if games are full pay by looking at the payout for a full house and a
flush.  Here are some real examples:

Full Pay Jacks or Better Machine (called a 9/6)

Full House - pays 9-1
Flush - pays 6-1

Jacks or Better /Quarters/at Harrahs Rincon Video Poker Bar (7/5):

Full House - pays 7-1
Flush - pays 5-1

Jacks or Better / Quarters / at Pechanga's Video Poker Bar (6/5)

Full House - pays 6-1
Flush - pays 5-1

Since you are likely to be dealt 7 full houses and 7 flushes in an hour, you potentially
lose out on 105 quarters per hour (with 5 coin max bet) on the Harrah's machine
vs. full pay machines and 140 Quarters on the Pechanga machine!  This is why I
always look for full pay machines when playing video poker.  Believe me, that 100+
quarters an hour adds up!  

To see full pay tables for all video poker games, like Double Double Bonus Poker,
Deuces Wild, etc, as well as probabilities and all kinds of mathematical stats, I
recommend this site:  

There are Full Pay Machines in North San Diego Casinos and this is where I've found

My TOP CHOICE AWARD Winner - The Promenade at Pala Casino Full Pay
Jacks or Better machine for $1 plus you get the stage show.  This is a fun, lively video
poker bar with entertainment and I really appreciate that Pala  offers full pay
machines here when so many of the casinos (Harrahs and Pechanga) have very tight
payoffs at their video poker bars.

Full Pay $1 Jacks or Better at
Pechanga - Game King machines by Pasianos

Parrot Bar at Casino Pauma has Nickel Video Poker for 8/5 and a 9/5 Pay for 50
cents and $1.  That's not bad---I don't know of any other video poker bars where you
can play for a Nickel!

My favorite online site to practice video poker is
VideoPoker.com.  I highly
recommend this free site if you want to learn how play video poker and test/improve
your skill level.  This site has all the video poker games you commonly find at casinos,
such as Spin Poker, Double Pay Poker, Triple Play Poker,  MultiStrike
Poker and lots more!  
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