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                                       Where to Play Texas Hold'em Bonus in San Diego:
Harrah's Rincon Casino

    When you play Texas Hold'em Bonus, you will be playing against the dealer - your Hold'em hand against
    the dealer's Hold'em hand.  There is also an optional bonus play bet on your hole cards where Aces in the
    hole pays 30 to 1.

    There are 5 bets, 1 is required to play the game, 1 is required to stay in the game after you see your hole
    cards, 1 is an optional bonus bet on your 2 hole cards, and 2 are optional bets on your 5-card hand
    against the dealer's hand.

    The games flows like this:

    Before the cards are dealt, you place a wager on the Ante (required) and the BONUS optional side bet.  
    The Bonus side bet pays on the value of your two hole cards starting at a Pair of 2's, with a Pair of Aces
    paying 30 to 1  and paying 1000 to 1  if the dealer also has a Pair of Aces in the hole!

    Two Hole Cards are dealt to each player.  After you look at your hole cards, you must bet the Play bet--- at
    twice the amount of your Ante Bet--- if you want to stay in the game.  Otherwise, you can fold and lose
    your Ante Bet.

    Next, the dealer turns up the Flop  and you may check or bet 1x your Ante bet on the Turn Bet.

    The Turn Card is turned up and you may check or bet 1x your Ante bet on the River Bet.

    The River Card is turned up and the Dealer reveals his Hole Cards and announces his hand.

    If your hand beats the Dealer's hand, you win your Play Bet and your Turn and River bet (if you made
    those bets).

    The Ante bet pushes unless you have a Straight or better (sometimes three 10's or better - depending
    upon the Casino).

    A favorable feature of this game is you can fold before the flop and lose only your ante bet.  You can also
    play by betting twice your ante and then just check through the River Card---this essentially costs 3 bets
    (1x ante and 2x play).  

    I've played at this table with players who do not bet the Bonus Bet at all and with players who bet 5X
    their Ante Bet on the Bonus.  Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't---you can lose alot of
    bonus bets while waiting for Aces in the Hole or Big Slick.  To see the probabilities and odds for this game,
    I highly recommend this site:  The Wizard of Odds
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