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    In California, Craps must be a banked card game as it is illegal to base outcome of game exclusively on the
    dice.   Here are the rules for California Craps as established by the California Division of Gaming Control:

    In this game players bet on the outcome of the initial and subsequent card draws, with the course of the
    game determined by the card draws. The object of the game is the placement of a successful bet. To play
    the game, six cards, consisting of an Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are placed in each of two mechanical card
    shufflers. When the dealer pushes a button, one card is randomly ejected from each machine, and the
    total of both cards is used to establish the “point.” The cards used to determine the “point” are placed
    back into their respective decks and all of the cards are returned to the shuffler for a second draw. The
    second and subsequent draws determine the winners and losers of most game bets and whether the
    game will continue.

    The casinos offering Craps have come up with various versions to incorporate cards with the Roll of the
    Dice.  All the Craps games are played on the standard large Craps Table with odds the same or very
    similar to what you find find on a standard Las Vegas-style Craps game.

    I've seen some tables get hot and also seen them pretty much deserted.  I've played several times but
    don't really like the cards that much.  For example, if your number is a 4 and you roll a 4---it's not a 4---it is
    whatever the numbers on the cards are.  So, for me, it's not nearly as exciting as craps played only with
    dice--Las Vegas style.

    PECHANGA CASINO Craps:   Two regular playing cards, numbered one through six, are used to determine
    the roll.

    PALA CASINO Craps:  Uses a 36 card deck to correspond to the 36 possible combinations of two standard
    dice. Two cards from the deck are placed face down on Blue and Red boxes on the table layout. The
    shooter rolls two blue and red. The cube with the highest number determines which of the two cards the
    dealer will turn over as the Roll.

    HARRAHS RINCON CASINO Craps:  The player-shooter rolls two dice---one green and one red.  Cards
    are turned up that correspond to the roll of the dice to determine the roll of the dice.

    BARONA CASINO Craps:  Barona uses two cards to determine the final outcome of each roll.  These two
    cards are turned up on the table and the "shoe" from which they are drawn from consists of A's, 2's, 3's,
    4's, 5's, and 6's ---simulating the six sides of a die.
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